Tuesday, October 26, 2010

First day of weightloss challenge

It was horrible (haha), I kind of went into it last minute, that said it didn't give me a change to get my mind wrapped around what I was doing. I went grocery shopping and didn't do too bad of a job. I wondered around lost for a bit but wrote a list and that was the best thing I did. I found a 14 day trial to Womens fitness center here in medford whoot!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Gates family weight loss challenge!

So my blogging begins....

Today is the beggining of My families weight loss challenge. Each person puts in 5$ and in two months on december 24th whoever loses the highest percentage wins. Seven of us have decided to get on the bandwagon to lose weight. The process consists of weighing in every monday and the last weight will be friday the 24th of december. I weighed in this morning and sadly told my sister the number it was not something I am not proud of.... but on the brighter side my goal is to lose 25lbs.