Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Why wont blogspot let us copy and paste???

I was just wondering if anyone knew how to copy and paste something... Its just words I wrote nothing illegal or stollen!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

In the Silence

In the Silence is a song by Jason Upton that has spoken to my soul on many different occasions.

You can listen to it on Youtube

Tired of telling you, you have me
When I know you really don't
Tired of tell you I'll follow
When I know I really wont
Cause I'd rather Stand here speechless
With no great words to say
If my silence is mroe truthful
And my ears can hear how to walk in your ways

In the Silence
You are speaking
In the quiet I can feel the Fire
And its burning, Burning deeply
Buring all it is that you desire to be silent, in me

Oh Jesus can you hear?
My soul is screaming out
And my Broken will cries teach me
What your kingdoms all about
Unite my heart to fear you
To fear your Holy Name
And create a life of Worship
In the spirit and truth of your loving ways

In the silence.........

Yep I love Yellow!

I changed my Blog so that it represents me!
Things about Yellow or why I like Yellow...

Oh Yellow, How I love thee!
My favorite Blanket at a wee child is yellow.
My room has yellow accents throughout it!
My Bathroom Shower Curtain has little Yellow Flowers
Yellow is such a Happy color.
It never disapoints and doesn't have a dark side.
Yellow is Beautiful!
The Suns light is Yellow
Yellow is Naturally Cheerful
Many flowers are Yellow
I Just Love Yellow!!!