Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Recently I put a status message on face book that said "needs to make some serious changes in life"

So here goes the list or hopes that I have ... for the next three months


Eating out 1 time every 3 weeks or so

NO farmville or games that I obsess over LOL it was so addicting and I enjoyed it but played it WAY WAY WAY too much!

Redbox and Netflix are a waste of my money when the Library is free and carries many DVD's or I can barrow movies from friends!

EXERCISE I really want to exercise and have more energy I need to get back to it! At least 3 times a week.

Fruits and Veggies I eat lots of fruit but not many veggies and I need to up that part of my life problem is I have a hard time eating them lol

VITAMINS I am really good at taking my gummy vitamins but recently decided to take Arbonnes wellness pills 6 in the mornign and 6 at night AHHHHHHHHHHH!
I've been keeping up once a day but barely make it to two once a week (it comes in am and pm packets of 6 pills each)

JOB so the end of August ends my 3 years and by then 4.5 month stint as Dillon and Brodie's Nanny, so the possibilities of the future are endless and I must seek the Lord on what my next step in the walk of life is!

Correcting my weirdo menstral cycle... I have Herb Drops that support the healthy function of the female reproductive system(thats what it says on the bottle haha) and am committed to for 3 months take them the 10th-17th of each month(since i started the 10th this month) opefully it will help me have a regular cycle and i know its worked in the past but I have been random in my taking of it!

Living situation... I would love some Christian Female roomates but all I find is married couples or single Men UGH lol

Saving Money: My goal is to save 60 a month for next three months! 180.00 but June 15th

I may post a changes part two since I didn't bring my actual list with me from Home!