Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Emotional High

You know how you meet someone and you get that funny feeling inside... It starts as an interest Then goes to a small crush Then you think oh this is someone I could like and your crush grows Next Your feelings develope into a huge Liking Then you wonder will I marry him (lol) Everytime you are around him you feel like your giddy and High All before he ever notices you! Well I like someone and its been a great while since my heart has said I genuinely like this person! It seems very new since I Haven't felt that way in such a long time. I am more consious of the silly little girl things that woman do when they like a man but treat them like a boy. For crying out loud I'm 26 not 18! I pray more about it in a way that is healthy and mature. I need to work on being humble about it! Its funny because I act like i've never liked a boy before inside my brain.... I keep saying "calm down Janette" or "Stop doing that" its quite hilarious when you talk to yourself like that in your mind! Anyways pray for me!

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