Thursday, September 8, 2011


I wrote this quite a while ago I think end of August!!!
I've been told lately that I share too much information on facebook and decided to start blogging certain things rather than Facebook status them. WARNING this may be way too much info for you and if you don't like the first few sentences don't read it!

So Here goes my most embaracing moments as a Nanny alone with 2 kids... sometimes more...

A recent one:
First off I was having a horrible crisis day and had no idea that blood would be rushing out of my vagina at such a fast rate.(yes I said vagina its a real word)

It started out as a normal day but turned into a disaster for me. I had the Boys(see foot note) and was at their relatively new home that includes upstairs and a pool that were not in their old home. I decided to watch the girls(see foot note) at the boys house knowing it would be a challenge and even went as far as taking them all in the pool. Thankfully my sister agreed to come with her 2 yr old daughter Aurora and help out if needed while we were all outside. Of course it turned out to be only 82ish degress with cool wind so the pool wasn't that inviting to any of the kids after 3 minutes in it. We played around the pool with multiple in and outs for each child for about thirty minutes before I realized it was a bad idea to this. All they wanted to do was have a snack or play or fight over who got to sit in what chair rather than have fun in the water. I tried to entertain them by jumping in and getting dive toys off the bottom but no one was settling down or interested in what I was doing. My niece Aurora kept trying to jump in with her life jacket on and she has no water experience and drank in water around ten times. She scared us many many times.

I cannot remeber why I was choosing to get out of the pool but I think it was to jump in. As I started climbing out the ladder in the deepest part of the pool two of the steps broke and caught me off guard so I slipped right into the water. Thank God I was holding on or I would have taken in more water than I did. I was in shock and then instantly realized my legs and arm were scraped up and in pain. I flailed over to where my sister and Aurora were at the shallow end. For a brief second I thought I broke something. I was slow to walk and realized blood was dripping down my leg as I got out. I hurt for many days afterwards and still have bruises and my legs are healing as well as a gash on my right arm by my wrist.

(EMBARACING PART Very GRAFFIC) After that I decided to get everyone calm and have lunch. Things went smooth dispite my pain being constant and walking very carefully. A movie was a must for the kiddos as I wasn't able to do much besides rest my legs. I sat on the loveseat while all the kids were on the couch and started Beauty and the Beast. After a while I needed to get snacks and as I got up I felt a tiny wetness between my legs and thought it was from taking off my swim suit and putting underware right on or that i'd peed myself a bit (LOL) I went into the kitchen and thought oh my whats going on I imediately lifted my skirt and saw red all over my new white undies... Ah I was not ready for that and freaked out a bit in my head. I ran to the bathroom(as fast as I could even though I was in a ton of pain) and sat down to calm down for a minute. I thought to myself Oh halelujah when I found I had a pad in my swim bag and got the new undies I put in it the night before. I had dripped blood in the bathroom as I fumbled to open the pad and use it. Wow i'd not experienced that in so long that it was weird to me to have any problems not realizing I was on my period.

Boys: Dillon 6 Brodie 4.5 ive been their nanny for 3.5 years!
Girls: Avery 4.5 Campbell 2.5 Nannied(some of time) and Babysit still for 4years!