Thursday, May 10, 2012

Oh The Joy that Floods my Soul!

Oh my soul is filled with his presence!
God is so amazing! Sometimes I don't understand the mystery of who He is but wonderful is the way I can describe him! As I am getting closer to him he is drawing me into such a deep place. I haven't had this much Happiness in so long. I always say that my closest time with God was (insert time period)& that I miss it and have lost it. But I'm choosing to say its now! Now is my closest time!!! Now is when I choose him over everything else.
People say its hard to be a christian but I say its easy... in reality its hard to be set apart hard to be the one who isn't like everyone else. It's so worth it though, so worth taking the time for him and not for ourselves. Society is all about self, when Jesus said to put others above ourselves.

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