Monday, April 1, 2013

Blogging is for me

In order to get those thoughts and feelings out I talked about the other day, this blog is going to be my place to turn. I need an outlet and this is it! Instead of turning to other things to relieve my pain, frustration and stress writing is a huge relief.

I had a wonderful conversation for a few hours into the wee morn 2AM last night. It was very good. Just being myself and getting to know more about a friend is great. Some of the things they said actually made me cry. They were good tears, tears of relief, tears of sorrow, and tears of joy mixed into one. It was like I was being understood and valued.
I've known this person a long time but we don't chat like that ever! I asked them to share a few things from The Lord and it was spot on. :-) grateful for that'

I'm thankful right now for friendships, old and new. I am enjoying spending time with so many good friends. It takes time to develop, I would say years actually!

I love games and the fellowship that happens during them. So much fun and Laughter these past few weeks!